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Three levels to assess your Positive Energy District readiness:

Level 1

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Data for more than 6,000 cities in Europe embedded in the tool’s database

Level 2

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Answer only 10 questions to know whether your city is PEDs ready

Level 3

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Tailored workshops to raise awareness on the main key success factors

A detailed overview:

The MAKING-CITY PED-readiness indicator tool (PEDTool) allows cities to quickly and simply assess whether they are ready to develop a Positive Energy District (PED) which helps the city to become climate neutral.

Level 1: Pre-evaluation of cities: Simple indicator at the country and city level to provide preliminary assessment of the city’s readiness for PEDs. Data for more than 6000 cities in Europe are embedded in the tool’s database!
Level 2: Self-evaluation questions:  Targeted questions to help refine level-1 assessment. Answer only 10 questions to know whether your city is ready for PEDs. If it’s not, we have some solutions for you! This level is meant for municipal officials.
Level 3: Tailored workshops to raise awareness upon one of the following key success factors: Team motivation alignment, Business ecosystem, Stakeholders’ engagement, Energy mapping.
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The MAKING-CITY Project:

The PED-readiness indicator tool has been developed in the framework of the H2020 research project MAKING-CITY (grant agreement number 824418). The project aims to encourage and support the development of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in Europe. The PED-readiness indicator tool applies to cities in this geographical scope: EU27, Norway, Turkey and UK.