Level 3 – Workshops

This Level 3 is intended to support cities with low scores at Level 2.
The MAKING-CITY team has designed tailored workshops to disseminate best practices, remove municipalities’ initial barriers upon the following key success factors:
  • Team motivation alignment
  • Business ecosystem mapping
  • Citizens engagement mapping
  • Energy mapping
All workshops can be held online or in person. The duration of the workshop could be tailored according to your objectives, your budget and the size of the project.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Team Motivation Alignment Workshop
75% of dysfunctions come from cross-functional teams.

Today, to implement innovative solutions like PEDs, you need a large team with many different specialties and interests.

We have created a 3-step workshop to work on these aspects with municipalities wishing to launch a PED.

Business Ecosystem Mapping Workshop
A tailor-made approach has been developed by MAKING-CITY to map the business ecosystem of a PED project.

This workshop comprises three stages which lead to a mapping of the actors involved in a PED project (on top of the municipality) according to the intensity of the link between each of them (financial flow, joint projects, etc.).

The objective is to make the heart of the PED launch process rely on the strongest link in the ecosystem.

Citizens Engagement Mapping Workshop
A central exercise in the Citizen engagement building is the mapping of stakeholders based on their “interest” and “power”.

This workshop will be conducted with representatives of the municipality and will be used to construct the appropriate communication plan to increase the commitment of citizens in a PED project.

Energy Mapping Workshop
This workshop will be a lever to initiate the mapping of energy used and produced in a city. The principle of the workshop is to present to municipalities wishing to carry out such a mapping work the following aspects:
  • Overview of the key elements to be analyzed during this mapping work;
  • Sharing of best practices in terms of mapping methodology;
  • Sharing key metrics of the energy flows observed in other European cities.